Sold Horses
Black Horse Stables
Congratulations and Best of Luck to All the Sold Horses!  See you at the Shows!
"Carra" 2007 Holsteiner/Hanovarian Filly. Easy Keeper, No Vices, Imprinted at Birth. Handled daily, and currently in training for "in-hand" showing.
Great Bloodlines which include, Don Alfredo, Pik Immer, Abglandz, Capital III, Cor de la Bryere, Ramiro Landykiller....just to name a few. Expected
to mature to 16+ hands. "Carra" is VERY friendly, athletic, bold, smart, and just an overall lovely mover. She also LOVES to jump! She will excel in
Hunters, Jumpers, Eventing, or Dressage!                             
                                        SIRE: Chakra       DAM: Daphnee / Don Alfredo
"Queenie" is a well bred 2004 filly. She has the presence and movement along with the "look-at-me" attitude. She is eligible AWS. She is
athletic, agile, and needs a worthy partner to devote her talents too! She should mature to 16.1-16.3hands.
                                       SIRE: Romeo Sullivan       DAM: Puissance / Pik Immer
"RB" is an absolutely GORGEOUS 2006 weanling colt. He was born the end of April and is ready to be weaned and sold. "RB" is by our
Holsteiner stallion, Romeo Sulivan and o/o our Hanovarian (Pik Immer) mare. He has wonderful bloodlines which includes, Ramiro Z, Cor de la
Bryere, Pik Immer, Rantares, Pik Bube, and Farnese...just to name a few. He is a perfect prospect for Hunters, Jumpers, or Dressage! Great
candidate for a Stallion Prospect! RB was imprinted at birth and handled daily! He is VERY Curious & Intelligent!
                                          SIRE: Romeo Sullivan       DAM: Puissance / Pik Immer
"KiKi" is a 2002 Dark Bay Mare by Corlando o/o a TB mare. She is a HUGE 16.1 hands with a large barrel which takes up a tall rider's leg. She
should mature to 16.3 hands. She is a cute mover/jumper, with a great work ethic! She learns fast and has good conformation. KiKi is an easy
keeper with excellent ground manners. She leads, loads, lunges, clips, bathes, and is good for the farrier, vet, and dentist. She is NEVER marish
and all around an AWESOME horse! She is started under saddle at a walk, trot, and canter. She is a perfect prospect for Hunters, Jumpers,
Eventing, or Dressage!
                                           SIRE: Corlando       DAM: Shawn Sullivan / Better Arbiter
This little 2004 filly is by Romeo Sullivan out of Sunny/National Land (TB Dam). She is eligible AWS. She is very sweet, smart, athletic, and has
mature to 15.3 - 16.1 hands!
                                         SIRE: Romeo Sullivan       DAM: Sunny / National Land
Riley is a BREATHTAKING 2005 strawberry roan color. She has champion bloodlines throughout.  Riley LOVES to jump and has the beautiful
Hanoverian floating trot. She is an all-around AMAZING mover! She is very friendly, loves attention, extremely intelligent, and very independent.
Riley was imprinted at birth and handled daily. She has had a saddle and bridle on, as well as someone leaning over her back. She is 100%
correct with NO VICES! She is great for the farrier, vet, and dentist. Riley will be HUGE, she should easily top 17+hands! With her "look-at-me"
attitude, Riley is a definite show-performance prospect for hunters, jumpers, eventing, or dressage!
                                             SIRE: Romeo Sullivan       DAM: Pavlova / Pik Solo
Rockin Affair aka "Miata" is a HUGE 2006 EYE-CATCHING Thoroughbred Mare.  She looks more like a Warmblood then a TB!  She has BIG
FLOATY movements that will make her a real contender in the Show Ring.  Her movements are flawless and would be perfect for Hunters or
Dressage!  She is a VERY easy mare with NO VICES!  Miata is DEAD QUIET and already started under saddle at a walk, trot, and canter (with
leads).  She is an easy ride and will already collect nicely and ride in a frame.  She is also being ridden in just a loose ring snaffle!  She leads,
loads, clips, bathes, cross-ties, etc.  Her first show EVER was Dressage at Devon and she came home with FIRST PLACE!
Romicka is a 2004 dark bay filly. She is currently 15.2+h, and growing rapidly. She should mature to 17+ hands. Romi is very easy to work with
and has NO VICES! She leads, loads, and clips. She stands in cross-ties, and has been fully backed (saddle/bridle)! Romi has been lightly
started with lunging and picking it up quite well! She was imprinted at birth and has been handled daily every since. She is up-to-date on shots,
worming, coggins, and is easy for the vet, farrier, and dentist.
                                             SIRE: Romeo Sullivan       DAM: Revicka / Revolution
"Rei" is a 2009 jet back, turning grey filly that is a full sibling to "Rendezvous". She should mature to 16.2 hands. Rei is a very intelligent and
easy-going filly! She loves people and is great to work around. She was imprinted at birth, handled daily, and leads, loads, crossties, etc. She
is a very curious filly and loves to figure things out! Rei has been handled by the vet, dentist, and farrier as well. She has also had a bridle,
saddle, and polo wraps on... none of which fazed her at all!  Rei should be a very easy horse to break and train as she is very willing to try
                                                             SIRE: Romeo Sullivan      DAM:  A to Z
Chi is a eye-catching 2003 blood bay who is also a PROVEN BROODMARE.  Chi has a very cute hunter movement and a great jump!  She is 16
hands and a true asset for someone looking to have a mare suitable for breeding and riding. She naturally find her spots and is very smooth
and graceful while doing so.  She has a good temperament, easy keeper, and very easy to work with (very intelligent and a willing partner).  She
leads, loads, lunges, clips, bathes, cross-ties, good for the farrier, vet, dentist, etc.  She comes with NO VICES and is UTD on everything.  She
placed in the money at PA Hunter Breeder Futurity as a suckling, and continued to pin 3rd and 6th at The Devon horse Show as a 2 year old!  
She has great feet and bones and remains barefoot.
   SIRE: Capital III        DAM: Galouzet
Amanda Enwright
"Sami" is a cute and easy to handle 2009 filly who loves to please.  Imprinted at birth and handled daily.  She leads, loads, cross-ties, single-ties,
and LOVES to be groomed!  GORGEOUS floating trot and amazing athleticism!  Will excel in Hunter or Dressage!  Should mature to approx 15+
hands.  She has had polos, a bridle, saddle, saddle pad, and tightened girth on...which will surely make it easier to start this filly under saddle in
the future!  She has been turned out with mares, geldings, broodmares, and other babies, which didn't faze her at all.  No Vices, and UTD on all
shots, coggins, vet, farrier, and dental work.  Sami is ready to go and find her future riding partner!
     SIRE: Wilde Card         DAM: Stratford Sunrise
Colette is by our Holsteiner Stallion, Chakra, out of our Galoubet Mare.  Colette's half sister was the LEADING filly in the NATION in 2007! This filly
is very eye-catching and she shines through every movement she makes.  Light, Floaty, Stunning gaits is what this mare has to offer!  She is
extremely sweet and wonderfully built.  Colette was imprinted at birth and handled daily since then, she should mature to 16.2+ hands.  She is
strongly built with good bone substance....flawless conformation!  She is bred to excel in Hunters, Jumpers, and Dressage!  She halters, leads,
crossties, bathes and is good for the vet and farrier.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to own this cute little filly!
SIRE:  Chakra        DAM: Galouzet
Roy is a 2008 "in-you pocket" type of horse! He loves people and is great to work around. He was imprinted at birth, handled daily, and leads,
loads, crossties, etc. He is a very curious gelding and loves to figure things out! He has been handled by the vet and farrier as well. Roy has also
sticks, hay piles, water, etc.) He should excel in Hunters, Jumpers, Eventing, or Dressage
                                                         SIRE: Romeo Sullivan       DAM: True Royalty
"Chip" is a VERY sweet 2008 foal. Imprinted at birth and worked with EVERYDAY! No Vices! EASY Keeper! Bold, Smart, Curious, Brave, and a
Wonderful Mover are all characteristics of this boy! Will make a great ALL-AROUND horse! English, Western, Jumping... Unlimited Potential! Chip
leads, loads, bathes, and is good for the farrier and normal everyday handling. He LOVES to be groomed and is very willing to try anything that is
asked of him!
                                                                  SIRE: Wilde Card            DAM: Ellie
Gus (2003) is by Corlando, out of a Pik Immer mare. He is a grey roan, with one partial white sock. He is currently 16.2 hands, but should mature
to 16.3+. He is currently walk, trot, canter, and jumping small courses.  He also has 30 days of professional training with Michael Meller and still in
training with him.  He says that Gus is extremely powerful and sensitive. In just three weeks in training he mastered leg yield, shoulders in and
works very well in hand. Gus is also an AMAZING jumper, he tucks up very nicely, naturally picks his spots, and uses his hind end very well. He has
been free jumped to 4 feet and jumps it as if it were a 5 foot jump!!
                                                                   SIRE: Corlando        DAM: Puissance / Pik Immer
Mika is a 2008 filly who is wonderfully bred and shows it throughout her movements, athleticism, personality, and grace!  She is very appealing to
the eye and will excel in any direction you want to take her in.  With her bloodlines (Capital III, Galoubet, Shadowfax Oliverio, etc.) she is a wonderful
prospect for Hunters, Jumpers, or Dressage! She will also be a UNSTOPPABLE prospect in-hand!  She was imprinted at birth, handled daily, and
is a breeze to teach anything too!  
 She is a very willing learner and loves attention.  Mika has also been seen by the vet and farrier and was a
perfect angel for them! Should mature to 16+ hands! Watch out for her in the future as she will undoubtedly become a SHOW WINNER!
                                                           SIRE: Shadowfax Oliverio           DAM: Chi / Capital III

Fizzy is a 2004 Copper Chestnut Filly w/ star and sabino silver hairs in her mane and tail. She is currently 15.1 hands and still has some time to
grow! She comes from Champion bloodlines and has been handled since birth. Fizzy has perfect conformation and is a cute mover! She is a
VERY FANCY horse and will be an AMAZING competitor in the show ring. A-Show Hunter, Jumper, or Dressage Prospect! Fizzy is smart, ground
ties and is quietly going under saddle at a walk, trot, canter and started jumping up to 2'6". She has also been out on trail and off the property and
was PERFECT! Her jump is 10+ with tight knees and great form!!!  She is VERY cooperative and has a GREAT work-ethic!
                                                             SIRE: Forrest Flame          DAM: Muppet
"Romeo Sullivan" is a Registered 16.2 hands Dark Bay Holsteiner Stallion! Romeo's bloodlines include Cor de la Bryere, Ramiro, Ladykiller,
@ 2 days past thaw). Romeo is the type of stallion that anyone can handle . He is not studdish and is very comfortable to ride. His gaits are to
DIE for! He is the smoothest horse anyone has ever ridden! He has the type of mind that he could breed one day, and ride under saddle the
next. Romeo is a pivotal sire for sporthorse breeders. He refines bulky warmblood mares, and adds substance to TB mares. He consistently
throws agile, intelligent, bold athletes whom are all correct, and even tempered. Romeo is also a true GENTLEMAN! Romeo has movements
for the HUNTER ring, scope for the JUMPERS, but he also has DRESSAGE, EVENTING and CROSS COUNTRY potential as well. He is
currently walk, trot, canter, and jumping courses. Romeo has also free jumped to 4'6" EASILY. He has a HUGE stride and a GREAT jump!
SIRE: Revolution      DAM: Shawn Sullivan / Better Arbiter
Charlie 2010 colt by our Holsteiner Stallion, Chakra, out of an Oldenburg Mare. Charlie is a very curious foal who likes to figure everything out
himself.  Quick Learner, Loves to Please, Easy to Handle, Good for farrier, vet, etc.  He was imprinted at birth and handled daily since then. He
halters, leads, crossties, and bathes with no problem.  He loves attention and would follow you around all day if you let him.  He should mature
to 16.1+ hands.  Charlie would be perfect for Hunters, Jumpers, and Dressage! His possibilities are endless!
                        SIRE: Chakra                DAM: Cielabet
"Winnie" is 2003 amazingly talented gelding who always takes care of his rider!  He is an easy and uncomplicated ride.  He is fancy enough for a
pro, yet quiet and forgiving enough for a beginner rider.  Winnie has the "look-at-me" attitude, smooth gaits, AUTO changes, loads, and trailer's
jumped up to 3'6" with room to spare.  Winnie comes with NO VICES and is a great trail horse too.  This horse is always in the ribbons and is
showing regularly on the Rated Circuit.  He ribboned well at St. Christopher’s, Blue Rock, HITS @ Saugerties and HITS @ Culpepper.  Currently
in champion position in Young Hunter/Baby Green in PHSA points but still eligible for pre-green and 1st year greens!  If not sold by
Januar/February, he will be showing in Ocala.   You don't want to pass this horse up!
"Ciela" is an asset to any breeding program.  She has had 1 foal and throws beautiful babies and is a great mother!  Ciela currently stands a
large 16 hands and is very easy to work around.  She comes with no vices, and is UTD on everything.  She has flawless conformation, and the
smoothest gaits your will ever find! She is the type of mare who can sit  for 6 months, and still ride as if she rode the previous day.  She was
very easy to break and train, and loves to work.  She is green but an easy ride and loves to learn.  She is a sweet mare, who would crawl into
your pocket if you would let her.
   SIRE:  Caesar Augustus           DAM: Galouzet