Amanda Enwright
Amanda Enwright is proud to offer 15+ years of experience in hunters, jumpers, english, and western pleasure.  Her services include giving riding lessons, training
horses, starting youngsters, as well as foaling babies, and breeding stallions.  Amanda can also be found every weekend showing a variety of horses as well as
standing by the gate coaching her students in the show ring.  Some of the shows Amanda can be found competing at are The Devon Horse Show, Dressage at Devon,
Blue Rock, St. Christopher’s, HITS at Saugerties, HITS at Culpepper, and a variety of shows on the rated circuit.  Her students show in schooling shows all the way to
rated venues as well.  Although her students compete in horse shows, her goal is not to make everyone into “show riders”, but instead “safe riders”.  Safety is always
the importance.

Amanda uses a variety of methods with her students when giving a riding lesson.  She understands that some students are more visual learners than audible
learners.  She adapts each lesson to the learning abilities of her students.  Amanda will often get on a horse and demonstrate what she is trying to teach, to help her
students understand and see what is being asked of them.   Besides training horses and riders,  Amanda also has a degree in Special Education and Elementary
Education.  Amanda has worked with a variety of students, both in the classroom as well as in her lesson program.  Amanda currently is the equestrian coach for the
Bucks County Community College, Chestnut Hill College, and LaSalle University, and the Show Manager for Worcester Stables Hunter/Jumper Shows. She also
the Black Horse Stables IEA (Middle and High School Teams), and is always taking on new students.

a has her own personal horse farm on her property but runs her main business out of Worcester Stables and another local farm in Newtown, PA.  There she
offers Full-Care Board, Training Board, and Sales Board.  She also helps sell many different horses/ponies for a variety of clients, and usually sells about 20- 30
horses a year.  Please contact Amanda if you need a horse sold.  If you have any questions she can be reached via cell at 267-304-5228 or by email at  
Black Horse Stables
"Rendezvous" with Amanda at Devon
Meet the Trainer
"Dear Amanda,
I want to thank you so much for the time and energy you put into arranging my purchase of Juno. You are without a doubt one of
the most honest and caring trainers I have come across in the 'horse world'. Because of my circumstances, I was unable to travel
to Pa. from Ga. to see Juno. There were many questions and concerns along the way. You answered every one with patience and
kindness. I never doubted my decision to buy Juno because of your honesty. You put me in touch with his Farrier and his Vet.
Both of whom had known him since his birth. They substantiated everything you had told me about the horse. If not for you, I would
not have made the purchase. When he stepped off the transport van, he was far more beautiful than I ever had imagined. Thank
you for everything. You are the best!"
                                                                                                                                                  - Jillisa & Juno

"I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a horse through Amanda Enwright.  Amanda placed an add on line, and in my search I
found it. I contacted Amanda and arranged to go to the farm and meet the horse.  Amanda was delightfully pleasant and
professional through the entire sale.  As a devout trail rider, I was a little nervous to ride a horse I didn't know in an indoor ring.  
Amanda asked me how much I wanted to do with the horse, and was very sensitive to my requests.  She rode first and then it was
my turn.  Amanda was very positive and supportive and really made me feel at ease.  I felt that Amanda was happy to spend the
time necessary to help me get to know the horse.  She was totally honest about the horses' strengths, weaknesses, and history.  
The owner was anxious to sell her horse quickly, so I met my mare on Tuesday and by Thursday night, I was tucking her in her
new stall in my back yard!!  Amanda did such a wonderful job communicating with me and negotiating with the owner.  I had
questions for the mare's farrier and Amanda called me back in 10 minutes with the farrier's name and number.  She took care of
all the details of the sale, arranged for an associate of hers to haul my mare for me, and accompanied her to my farm to make
sure everything went well.  It was a very positive experience.  I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is looking to buy a
horse or needs a trainer or instructor.  Amanda is an very talented horsewoman, and a credit to her profession!!!"  
                                                                                                                                                    -Karen Caisse

"What can I say when it comes to Amanda besides patience, pride and perfection. Amanda took me and my very unwilling and
wild TB Gelding and made us into a great pair. Amanda worked with "Dutch" alone at first and then schooled us together for
several years. I now have a horse I can enjoy riding and feel comfortable on. Amanda was so patient with both of us. I can only
have her to thank for turning him into such a great companion for me. THANKS AMANDA"
                                                                                                                                                  -Rhonda Romeo

"There are people who know all there is to know about horses and riding but just can't seem to transfer their knowledge to their
students. Amanda Enwright is definitely NOT one of these people!  Amanda knows horses and she knows how to teach!  My
daughter and her horse have progressed in leaps and bounds since working with Amanda.  She is knowledgeable, patient and
builds a solid trust between herself and her student. Amanda constantly challenges my daughter to do her very best while riding.  
Every lesson is different with something new to learn and be excited about.  Amanda is a top-notch trainer!"
                                                                                                                                                  -Audrey Tucker

"Amanda has been my blessing in disguise. I’m a first time horse owner, and because of her, this has been a wonderful
experience. She is always willing to help and give advice. Amanda is cheerful, polite, and just fun to be around. It is obvious to
see that she’s a great and accomplished rider and has no problem handling any horse, including my overly spookish Arab. She
has helped me to train him and also gave me a valuable anti-spooking lesson. Her technique involves patience, consistency,
and taking the time to understand the horse’s personality.  Her teaching skills last beyond the “classroom”, and she has also
taught me how to continue on with my horse’s training. I highly recommend her for you and your horse’s training."
                                                                                                                                                  -Rachelle Samuel

"My daughter has been taking lessons with Amanda for over 1 year now.  Amanda's training has been wonderful!  My daughter
gets that one on one attention.  Amanda is very caring and knowledgeable about equitation.  Amanda is very easy to
communicate with.  If my daughter does not understand something, Amanda will really take her time to explain and even hop on
the horse if need be.  Amanda really gives her all and she really loves her work!  She is one of the hardest working trainers I know.  
She is always available to give great feedback and suggestions.  I would highly recommend her to any level of rider."
                                                                                                                                                   -Cheryl Hadovski

"Amanda recently moved into our neighborhood and what an asset she is!  I have owned horses for 25 years and have worked
with a number of trainers.  I have never encountered anyone with such a breath of experience in every discipline of riding.  Her
lack of bias for a particular area of riding is refreshing.  Amanda has a depth of understanding of horses that is amazing,
especially considering how young she is.  Amanda recently got my Highland Pony and his handler, Ashley ready to go to
Dressage at Devon, where they took third place in the Junior Handler class!  I'm so proud of them!  Good work, Amanda!"
                                                                                                                                                   -Sue Murphy

"Amanda has been a member of the horse world since she was a young girl.  She is very knowledgeable about the animals we
love.  We have been friends since our college years, and we still discuss our horsey goals with each other.  I value her opinion,
and always take what she has to say into consideration.  I would recommend Amanda to anyone."
                                                                                                                                                   ~Shari Seidman
Amanda Enwright
Wilde Card - 03' Paint Stallion
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